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DogFighter 2 offers players different landscapes and locations built to protect, challenge or kill you―it delivers a more gratifying experience for fighter pilots to enjoy while bobbing and weaving their way through an abandoned mine and its tunnels, through active volcanoes, tightly spaced steel structures, towering pyramids in the desert, an eerie, ancient Chinese fishing village, alongside a long majestic wall, and through walkways, gangways and flight-paths over snow covered mountains.
The sequel opens up with the player(s) capturing the German base, Luftwaffe, and then systematically crushing the Allied Air Force and their ground support. There are a total of 19 missions you will need to complete in all that involves anything from wiping out enemy bombers, guarding the German base from incoming Allied bombers, shooting missions, destroying parachuting pilots or targeting fastened blimps and AA trucks.
The single pilot or team pilots in Dogfighter 2 only start off with five lives, but can rack up a bunch of points when they destroy enemy planes. With each successful mission, points are increased with a game multiplier.
If a player is shot down or crashes, the multiplier is automatically reset. Effective plane maneuvers include both the "Left" arrow key that lifts the plane upward and the "Right" arrow key that lowers the plane, can be used along with the "Up and Down" arrow keys. The "Shift" button has also been added for the pilot to drop bombs. Helpful maneuvering tactics such as the Low Level, Dive, Cloud Cover, and Evasive Loop can be strategically used to throw off Allied fighter pilots and provide you extra chances to counterattack.
Helpful Tips and Tricks
  1. Pickups that contain weapons for offense are red while pickups in blue contain weapons for
  2. defense maneuvers, and are mainly found on the ground level.
  3. When collecting purple pickups, they become instantly operational to squash an enemy team.
  4. Blasting balloons can provide access to pickups
  5. In order to boost for longer periods of time, fly low.
  6. The Black Death pickup causes players to become indestructible periodically and will increase their firepower. Five seconds are added to this period each time you destroy an enemy plane.
  7. Using the Engine Disruptor will either disarm enemy shields or stall their engines.
  8. Stay within the playing field to avoid destruction.
  9. The best flying strategy is to fly low to snag pickups, avoid an engine stall or to minimize
  10. exposure to the enemy.
  11. Target your ground-based paratroopers instead of immediately attacking enemy fighter pilots.
  12. Various pickups will always appear at the same location.
  13. Use the invisibility selection to hide from the enemy.
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